Lenovo Pocket Yoga



A Lenovo deixou escapar umas imagens que parecem ser oficiais de um netbook estilo Vaio P, o Pocket Yoga. E se devemos acreditar nas fotos a seguir, o seu nome não é um exagero.






Designed by Castiglione Morelli, the Bulb-Sound-Speaker is a combo of a bulb and a speaker that transforms a regular lamp into a speaker for your mp3 or portable music players. All, the users have to do is connect the Bulb-Sound-Speaker in place of a lamp bulb and switch on their iPod or other PMP, which also works as a remote control via bluetooth transmitter, to send music to the speaker. Presenting a body, finished with transparent plastic, the bulb comes with a transformer, the bluetooth receiver and of course the speaker. The Bulb-Sound-Speaker will turn out to be a good option for people who don’t want to listen to music on earphones anymore; and why should they when they can easily convert a floor lamp, a desk lamp or a wall lamp into a speaker!