Uma das mais novas criações de Philippe Starck é essa cadeira PLAY, que utiliza a mais alta tecnologia aliada com as tramas feitas por artesãos

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french designer philippe starck has completed his latest collaboration with the computer peripheral
company lacie. starck first designed a series of hard dives for the company in the nineties. the latest
hard drive designs come in two sizes for mobile and desktop use. both feature a thick aluminum casing
that envelopes a reflective organic form on the inside. the mobile version has an ellipse form, while the
larger desktop model is rectangular and additionally features starck’s signature plus sign in an orange
LED. both feature a special surface which upon touching will launch the application of your choosing,
depending on the duration of the tap. the desktop model comes in 1tb and 2tb versions while the smaller
mobile hard drive boasts 320gb and 500gb capacities.



Starck neles… Por quê ele sabe o que faz!