Idéia interessante para aproveitar vãos entre paredes.

The tapered wedge shape of the shelving units, allow the overall dimensions of the furniture to expand and contract to fill different size gaps.It is intended for a domestic world that changes frequently but shares common spatial problems.

The system comes in a variety of materials, ARPRO (expanded polyproylene) it is light weight, strong and chemical resistant.The corrugated edges fix the units at the right size.It can also be used as a free standing system using special clips. This product is availabe from the Aram Store in London in a variety of colours. They are also stocked at the Design Museum London

The plywood version (WBP) can be used as packing crates when moving house. It has a decorative hardwood detail on the front face.

The version in MDF with plastic back is intended for smaller spaces such as window frames and is ideally of use for small plants.