Nissyoku Lamp..


Nissyoku was inspired by the solar eclipse. The len-form panels found on both sides can move to multiple directions. The way and strength of the light is adjusted by the degree of the turning. The two panels move on the concave surface made out of the intersection of the two globes. The panels are fixed on the lamp by the magnets. The lamp can be switched on or off by touching the middle metal ring.



Esse lustre é feito com três esferas sopradas, cortadas e polidas manualmente para dar todo esse estilo.


manifactured by japanese leading lighting company yamagiwa the piece is moulded
from a single material as a unified white botanical, aquatic organism to softly implant
a sense of nature into the spaces we inhabit.

‘andromeda’ is an artificial structure for capturing artificial light.
emerging from the concept of ‘netification’ or –  the reduction of physical mass through
selective perforation across a pre-defined form – the concept floats more as a diatomic
sea creature in the free ocean of space. it floats in a state of apparent anti gravity,
capturing its light within to graphically delineate a structural net as a soft external
shadow of itself.