Concrete Furniture


O-Lithas is a collection of outdoor/indoor furniture based on the idea of making stone-like slabs appear to be light and fluid like a wave. The project started as play of words combining the Greek word ‘Lithos’ (Stone), with the Spanish words ‘Ola’ (Wave) and ‘Olita’ (tiny wave), and is now evolved into a new and consistent means to integrate steel and cement with Design.

The resulting pieces are minimalist, long lasting, and eco-friendly. The wavy pattern not only accounts for a unique timeless aesthetic, and common language, but also functions as structural reinforcement along the span of the slab, and to fit the radius of the metal bar base for a complete integration of materials.


Colorless Coke Can


A idéia do logo em relevo é para um menor impacto ambiental, sem o uso dos toxicos da tinta. Na verdade essa é uma boa desculpa, e um bom apelo “verde”. Não podemos negar que essa latinha ficou muito legal!

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Conventional bikes are already quite sustainable as far as their usability and utility is concerned. But, frame size might make you dispense them off as all users don’t have similar heights. The problem begins when a cyclist needs to resell his/her bike, but can’t find anyone because of the frame size. So how can a bike somehow adapt or grow with a user or multiple users? Nathan Durflinger addresses this difficulty with his unique bike design.

The final design is eco-friendly and adjusts to a range of different user heights. Pieces of finished plywood, polycarbonate, or machined aluminum can be used in fabricating one. The frame will accept all standard bike hardware found at most bike shops. The frame of the bike has been designed to expand out or contract in motion.