PT Shadow Boxer



The PT Shadow Boxer is an all-in-one training apparatus designed to increase upper and lower body strength, promote fitness and tone muscles. Easy enough for anyone to use;
the Shadowboxer ultimately eliminates the need for a gym, as a complete workout can be done with resistance provided by the apparatus for exercises such as; Traditional boxing moves, Weight Exercises and Abdominal Exercises.The lightweight and portable Shadowboxer is also ideal for travel as it has three levels of resistance bands and folds into a small package. Unique and effective the Shadowboxer is a fitness product with a true difference.

Product Designer



Sander Mulder’s latest designs include Pandora, shown above, a storage system inspired by shipping containers. Th powdercoated steel modules can be stacked, set on their side and used in umpteen colour combinations, much as they appear in harbours around the world.