“Skwak” é um ilustrador frances que faz varios trabalhos inspirados em histórias de crianças. Esse trabalho é chamado “Maniac World” e seu unico personagem é conhecido como “maniacs”.

O correio britânico lançou uma série de selos para homenagear os grandes designs ingleses do seculo XX.

Muito legal.. se alguem estiver pelo velho continente me manda uma carta com esses selos ..  Carta??

1st Class – Polypropylene Chair
Found in public buildings throughout the world, almost everyone will have sat on a Robin Day chair at some time.

1st Class – The Mini
Sir Alec Issigonis made use of every available space in the small car that was as much a fashion statement as a means of transport.

1st Class – Anglepoise Lamp
George Carwardine’s flexible design brought light wherever it was needed.

1st Class – Routemaster Bus
Once a symbol of London to visitors from all over the world now only a few of Douglas Scott and Colin Curtis’s remain on London’s streets.

1st Class – Concorde
Aerospatiale and BAC’s supersonic jet was capable of twice the speed of sound and beautiful to look at too.

1st Class Large – Mini Skirt
Mary Quant rewrote the fashion rules for women forever with her daring design.

1st Class – Penguin Books
Edward Young’s book jacket design was instantly recognizable as a Penguin edition.

1st Class – London Underground Map
Harry Beck’s easy to understand design was based on an electrical wiring diagram.

1st Class – Supermarine Spitfire
The superlative Battle of Britain fighter with its distinctive elliptical wings was designed by R J Mitchell who sadly died before the plane went into production.

e como não podia faltar..

1st Class – K2 Telephone Kiosk

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s design bright-red phone box always stood out on the streets of the UK.

Deck Art..




Skate is not a crime… is an Art!!!

Browser Wars !


Achei muito legal esta figura que demonstra o market share dos Browsers de internet e postei, tem um cunho cultural e informativo  de mercado além de uma ilustração bacana ! mas com a cultura é meio inutil vamos ver mesmo  a ideia de demonstrar graficamente de uma maneira diferente !



Diversity can and must be embraced – that is the precise message that this poster tends to drive. Cape Town is very diverse and is the meeting place for various different cultures in South Africa.


The vibe on the streets, the bright colours that dominate the city centre and a state of the art infrastructure is what makes Durban not only one of the most sought-after destinations, but a melting point of many diverse cultures.


Maybe words alone are not enough in telling the fascinating success story that has been the city of Johannesburg – that is why it was apt for us to come up with a Host City Poster that will probably come very close in narrating the tales of this city and celebrate the achievements of South Africa’s busiest city often referred to as the City of Gold.


If a picture speaks of thousand words, then this Host City Poster certainly speaks volume of the city of Nelspruit. Ignited by the celebration of this grand occasion, the sound of the Loerie bird represented by the early morning sun rays represent the Pioneering Spirit of the people of Mpumalanga.


The elements in the poster are a reflection of what the city of Polokwane and the province has to offer. The ball represents the game of soccer as the main feature.


Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth


The city of Tshwane/ Pretoria can be described in many ways, but the city’s artistic ancient buildings provide a breath-taking view to the eye of the visitor – and this is captured in this poster.




Known as the city of roses, Bloemfontein epitomises the passion, dedication, determination and charisma often displayed in South African football.

Grammy-Inspired Art





The song titles morphed into portraits of the artists’ faces. Cool!