HP designjet 3D printers


Em maio deve ser lançada essa nova “impressora 3D” na europa, essa maquina de prototipagem rapida usa a tecnologia FDM (fused deposition modeling) que faz camada por camada da peça. Serão lançadas duas versões dessa impressora, uma “imprime” plástico colorido e outra só o plástico.

O preço estimado para a venda dessas maquinas está em 15mil euros cada, o que começa a tornar essa ferramente mais acessivel a escolas e escritórios.

HP has announced that its new line of rapid prototyping printers will be available in europe starting this
may. the printers are being manufactured by stratasys and use their fused deposition modeling (FDM)
technology. this technology transforms digital 3D drawings into physical objects by extruding ABS
plastic in thin layers, which are stacked one on top of each other. HP will be offering two models of
the 3D printer one using ivory coloured plastic and a colour version, which can print up to eight colours.
the new printers will be selling for around 13,000 euros each, making them more suited for businesses
and schools rather than home use.



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