Ferrari 599 HY-KERS, Hybrid Supercar..


O salão do automóvel de Genebra está mostrando alguns super carros verdes como, Porche, Lotus e essa incrível Ferrari hibrida, com um motor de 100hp. O (KERS) sistema de recuperação de energia cinética que é usado nos carros de F1 também foi incorpordano nesse carro.

The 2010 Geneva Auto Show is showcasing some incredible green machines, with scores of auto manufacturers including Porsche and Lotus rolling out fuel-efficient vehicles. The latest to step up to the plate is Ferrari, which just unveiled its first hybrid: the 599 HY-KERS. Designed as a “laboratory car” that brings Ferrari’s latest racing technology to the streets, the vehicle features a 100hp motor linked to a kinetic energy recovery system taken straight from last year’s Formula One program.

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