Flexible and Fun, “Cross” Sofa..


Do designer Elvis Pennetuzzo o “Cross” sofá são módulos em formato de cruz que se juntam e dobram e assim criam uma infinidade de opções para o seu ambiente.

A idéia de móveis versateis é muito boa e deve ser explorada. O bom nisso tudo é que o mobiliário se adapta a você e não o contrario.

We really love furniture that is versatile and can change its look over time by just a simple move from the user. This is also the case with Elvis Pennetuzzo’s original design presented in the pictures below. “Cross”  Sofa is an innovative furniture item that can really challenge the owner’s creativity in coming up with new shapes every time he feels like changing something in his living-room. We like the fact that it has a minimalist design- if you think about it, most of the brilliant ideas in this field are based on something extremely simple. We also like the color combination. This sort of couch can go very well in a small and modern apartment. It can be packed up when not needed and expanded when guests come over.We think this is what fun furniture is all about.-via Definitive Touch



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