Edifício 360° – Isay Weinfeld. (local: São Paulo)

Esse projeto ganhou o Future Projects Awards, da revista inglesa Architectural Review que é referência mundial em arquitetura, em sua sétima edição essa foi a primeira vez que um brasileiro recebeu tal prêmio e não satisfeito em ser o melhor na categoria de projeto residencial, Weinfield também foi o “overall winner”, melhor projeto de todas as categorias. +…

56 Leonard Street – Herzog & de Meuron. (Local: Nova Iorque) +…

Detalhe do terreo, escultura de Anish Kapoor.

Esses são os projetos de 2/3 dos maiores nomes da arquitetura moderna, que nos lembram aquelas discussões sobre o consciente coletivo, em lugares distintos do planeta projetos muito similares, ou com conceitos muito parecidos.


The Suzuki Biplane which was revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is a concept motorbike inspired by Biplanes. Rather an unusual source of inspiration, the design uses colors similar to the canvas often found on older aircraft, and the lack of any wind protection would also leave the rider exposed to the elements – similar to the pilot of an open-top aircraft.

The Suzuki Biplane concept uses a semi-exposed V4 engine for power, and a girder-type front end, similar to that found on the Confederate Wraith, for steering and front suspension. The partly covered rear wheel and flush seat-to-tank design is similar to those found on the 1986 Suzuki Nuda concept bike.

Insipirada em uma impressora ink-jet.. é só você colocar o pão de forma em cima e apertar para torrar.

Mais um carrinho para a “nova” catagoria de carros compactos de luxo, todo conforto de um carro premium em um carro pequeno.


Montei um site com o meu portfólio. Para visitar, basta acessar o link abaixo.



C. Abud

Sofás LED..


The Asami Light Sofa comes from Colico, a company with an important design history, founded in 1920.  The first thing that comes to my mind when looking at these photos, is an unforgettable movie-marathon night with friends and a cool home theater system. A little problem might be handling the remote controls, because this item has its own and they just might be one too many. The light colors can be adapted to the mood of the place and of the owner, by a simple push of a button. In the dark, the Asami Light Sofa looks like a real treat. However, the slick design makes them a beautiful asset for the day as well.

Idéia interessante para aproveitar vãos entre paredes.

The tapered wedge shape of the shelving units, allow the overall dimensions of the furniture to expand and contract to fill different size gaps.It is intended for a domestic world that changes frequently but shares common spatial problems.

The system comes in a variety of materials, ARPRO (expanded polyproylene) it is light weight, strong and chemical resistant.The corrugated edges fix the units at the right size.It can also be used as a free standing system using special clips. This product is availabe from the Aram Store in London in a variety of colours. They are also stocked at the Design Museum London

The plywood version (WBP) can be used as packing crates when moving house. It has a decorative hardwood detail on the front face.

The version in MDF with plastic back is intended for smaller spaces such as window frames and is ideally of use for small plants.