matteo thun and partners


the transformation of via tortona in milan, which was started back in the 1990s, is continuing, revealing its full potential for redeveloping and reinterpreting some of the most interesting urban spots in the city.

the tortona 37 project by matteo thun & partners is part of this process of reusing the land and strengthening it through low environmental impact architecture. a building project which salvages a former industrial plant covering 25,000 square metres (it used to belong to general electric) and restores it to the city throughcutting-edge energy-efficient technology.

tortona 37 is a mixed-purpose architectural complex composed of five buildings set out like the courtyard around a garden planted with trees. each rectangular-based building has 6 levels allowing double-exposures for the property units. they are double height (7 m) units generating open spaces with an interior mezzanine of great functional versatility. here showrooms, laboratories, professional studios, shop and offices find their own custom design: the highly flexible interior spaces also ensure sustainably over time.

the shell the glass facade, incorporated in a system of outside curtains, is highly efficient at reducing the impact of sunlight (up to 87%) to prevent the interiors from overheating during summer. further screening is provided by the wooden shutters (a material used “purely”) on the window frames and large overhanging bow windows, so that its image evolves naturally over time.


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